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Wrist Pain and Discomfort

Wrist Supports for Pain at Work, at Play or at Rest

Wrist problems can present as one or a combination of pain, swelling, numbness in fingers/hand, difficulty in gripping.

Wrist pain, repetitive strain and overuse wrist injury

There are several causes of wrist pain but the most common are:

  • Trauma:  Damage to bone, ligaments, tendons or muscles
  • Overuse:  Irritation and inflammation to ligaments, tendons or muscles caused over an extended period by repetitive movement
  • Arthritis: Degeneration of the protective covering of the bone, causing roughness and calcification in the joint

How can an Active650 Wrist Support help?

An Active650 Wrist Support provides compression, rest, warmth and increased blood flow to aid healing and pain relief in the joint.  It is both lightweight and incredibly comfortable so can be worn under aparell throughout the day.  The fabric allows the joint to move without restriction whilst at the same time providing superior support to the joint.

Active650 Wrist Support for pain and discomfort of the wrist joint
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