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Calf Injury

Compression Support For Calf Injury

Whether you are a jogger that goes long and slow or a footballer who sprints in explosive bursts, your calf muscles can be under immense load when landing and pushing off as you run.

Calf muscle tear and calf strain pain relief with Active650 Calf Support

If you've had a calf injury you'll know how painful it can be and how long it can take before you regain the confidence to get back to your previous levels of activity.

How can an Active650 Calf Support help?

There are many types of compression garments that can increase blood flow but an Active650 calf support does all of that and more. By cradling all of the muscles in the lower leg with superior support it reduces the jarring and stresses on the muscles, providing greater protection against injury and faster recovery from injury.

The unique elasticity of the fabric means that it can be worn for long periods and it can also be worn comfortably under socks and shin pads.

The Calf Support is ideal for all calf injuries in the main muscles.

The Full Calf Support is designed for injuries towards the achilles tendon and shin pain.

Active650 Calf Support for calf injury and strains  Active650 Full Calf Support for calf pain and calf tears

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