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Knee Replacement Information

Best Support for Pre- and Post-operation Knee Replacement Surgery

Whether you are awaiting a total or partial knee replacement operation or have had the surgery, an Active650 Knee Support can provide comfort, reduce pain and keep you active.

Partial and total knee replacement surgery operation knee brace   Knee Support from Active650 for pre-op and post-op knee brace 

Anatomically designed to provide maximum comfort the Active650 Knee Support will:

  • Support the knee
  • Cushion the knee against the stresses and irritations that aggravate pain
  • Warm the joint and increase blood flow to the area
  • Decrease joint stiffness
  • Improve mobility
  • Reduce knee pain
  • Increase confidence in the joint
  • Allow a full range of movement so the surrounding muscles can be strengthened
  • Won't slip or bunch behind the knee

What is the difference between ACTIVE650 knee supports and conventional knee braces?

Most supports are made from material with very limited stretch which is why they slip and roll down or are stiff and restrictive and often need Velcro straps to fit. Our material is a high stretch fabric, which is shaped to contour to the body: fitting comfortably to provide cushioning and support.

Will it Work For Me?

We stress that our supports are not a miracle cure - they will not make cartilage grow back or reverse the degeneration of arthritis. However, we know that the Active650 Knee Support helps to cushion the area and reduce the irritation and aggravation on the site of pain. It also warms the area, which increases bloodflow and improves mobility. These benefits add up and can make a big difference when it comes to pain reduction, mobility and a return to normal activity.

Active650 - Don't live with pain!

Active650 Knee Support for pre and post knee replacement surgery
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