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Common Causes of Knee Pain

Common Causes of Knee Pain

Knee pain can be caused by acute injury or degeneration due to overuse or ageing.

The knee is the largest joint in the body supporting almost the entire body weight. It joins the femur and tibia in a hinge joint, which means that the movement is linear with no rotation. The main components of the knee are:

  • Ligaments:  Connect the femur to the tibia, stabilise the joint and control alignment
  • Cartilage:  Provides cushioning and lubrication at the end of the femur
  • Meniscus: Pads of cartilage on top of the tibia that act as shock absorbers
  • Patella:  Knee cap, which protects the front of the knee as it flexes
  • Tendons:  Attach the muscles of the leg to the bone around the knee

Common forms of knee pain are due to:

Ligament Injuries:

Anterior cruciate ligament ACL tear and Medial cruciate ligament MCL injury

Anterior Cruciate Licament (ACL) or Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) injuries are most common.  They are normally caused by twisting or hyperextension of the joint and are classified depending on the severity of the tear.

  • Grade 1: Minor sprain
  • Grade 2: Minor tear
  • Grade 3 Severe tear or complete rupture

Cartilage Damage:

Knee cartilage damage and injury

Caused by overuse, degeneration and general wear and tear, the smooth cartilage, which aids lubrication and movement of the joint, becomes rough and pitted.  This condition is most commonly associated with osteoarthritis but can be the result of a former injury.  It can lead to stiffness, swelling, discomfort and pain in the joint.

Meniscal Tears:

Knee pain caused by meniscus tears

Caused by overuse or acute trauma, a tear can occur in either the lateral horn or medial horn.  As you age your meniscus gets less rubbery, drier and more brittle, therefore increasing the risk of damage.  Sometimes a flap can break off and if not surgically removed will severely impede the joint movement.

How Can Active650 Knee Supports Help?

Active650 knee supports are designed to give your knee maximum support and protection without compromising comfort or function. Our unique fabric does not slip and bunch behind the knee but provides you with the support you need where you need it.  By holding the soft tissue that surrounds the joint an Active650 knee support will help to reduce the stresses and irritations that act on the site of injury, thus reducing pain and allowing you to move more freely.

We recommend the Knee Support for more serious pain and injuries and the Knee Band for more moderate support and vigorous activity.

Active650 joint supports provide:

            • Warmth
            • Comfort
            • Pain relief
            • Support
            • Increased confidence
            • Decreased stress on the joint
              • Reduced swelling
              • An alternative to taking painkillers
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