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ACL Injury

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury

ACL injuries are common in many sports and activities and are usually caused when the knee joint is twisted under load, hit hard from the side (e.g. a football tackle) or hyperextended.

Torn anterior cruciate ligament ACL injury

 The injury can be graded into one of 3 classes:

  • Grade 1 - Minor sprain
  • Grade 2 - Minor or partial tear
  • Grade 3 - Severe tear or complete rupture

How can an Active650 Full Knee Support help?

An Active650 Knee Support provides comfort, support and protection to the knee joint following an ACL injury or following ACL reconstruction surgery.  The Knee Support will reduce the stresses that act on the site of injury, increase confidence in the joint and speed your rehabilitation.  

Unlike more restrictive supports the unique Active650 fabric expands to allow full movement and will allow the surrounding muscles to be exercised and strengthened whilst providing superior support.

Our unique fabric does not slip and bunch behind the knee but provides you with the support you need where you need it.

Active650 Knee support for ACL injury  Active650 Knee Band for ACL injury


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