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1) What is the difference between Active650 supports and conventional braces?

Active650 supports are best for comfort and most effective

Most supports are made from material with very limited stretch which is why they slip and roll down or are stiff and restrictive and often need Velcro straps to fit.

Our material is a high stretch fabric, which is shaped to contour to the body: fitting comfortably to provide superior cushioning and support.


2) How do I wash the support? 

Washing instructions for Active650 supports

Hand wash in warm water and allow to dry naturally.

As the fabric is a closed cell material and does not soak water up, you only need to wash the surface and it dries very quickly.


3) Will it slip or roll down?

Active650 supports stay in place and do not roll down 

We have had a huge amount of positive feedback from people who tell us that the supports stay in place. Whilst we can't guarantee that a support will not slip we are certainly very confident that, of all the supports available on the market, our supports are the least likely to slip or roll down.


4) Will my muscles weaken if I wear a support?

Supports by Active650 will not weaken muscles

 Whilst conventional supports that 'brace', and restrict movement can lead to your muscles switching off and becoming reliant on the supports, the ACTIVE650 supports will not cause this. Our fabric will stretch to accommodate all ranges of movement and will not cause any restriction. This means that you can continue to exercise and strengthen your muscles whilst benefiting from the support.


 5) Will it work for me?

Most effective joint supports from Active650

We stress that our supports are not a miracle cure - they will not make cartilage grow back or reverse the degeneration of arthritis. However, we know that the supports help to cushion the area and reduce the irritation and aggravation on the site of injury. They also warm the area, which increases bloodflow and improves mobility. These benefits add up and can make a big difference when it comes to pain reduction, mobility and a return to normal activity.


6) How do I know what size to order?

Sizing guide and measuring instructions for Active650 supports

There are measuring instructions for each of our supports on the relevant pages of our website or for measurement details for all products you can click here. If you scroll through the product images you will find a picture that demonstrates where to measure. Once you have your measurement, choose the size from the first menu and then the colour from the second menu.


7) What if my measurement is on the borderline between sizes?

Active650 which size Active650 measurement instructions

Whilst there is plenty of overlap between sizes we normally recommend that if you measure on the borderline between sizes you opt for the larger of the two sizes. If, once you try the support on, you feel that it is not the correct size you can return it to us for an exchange.


8) Can I sleep in the support? 

Can I wear my Active650 support at night

Whilst the supports have been designed to provide maximum benefit when the wearer is active, we have had increasing amounts of feedback from people who wear and benefit from the supports while they are sleeping.  

There is no set length of time to wear your support for and our rule of thumb is to wear it for as long as you are gaining benefit from it.


9) Why does postage cost extra?

Active650 UK postage details

We ship using a Royal Mail "First Class" delivery service to ensure that the parcel arrives as quickly as possible. 


10) Who can't take turmeric?


Contraindications for turmeric supplements

Turmeric can act as a blood thinner so we recommend that those in the following categories do not take turmeric supplement:

Anyone taking existing blood thinning medication

Anyone prone to kidney or gall stones

Anyone who is pregnant or lactating

If in doubt please consult your doctor.


11) Is the turmeric organic?


Organic turmeric is used in Active650 daily turmeric capsules

All ingredients in our capsules are organic.

However, as the capsules are not processed in a 'certified organic' plant, we do not claim that our capsules are certified organic.


12) How long will the parcel take to arrive?

Active650 UK postage times

Normal delivery time is between 1 - 3 working days.


13) Can I return a support?

Active650 UK returning products

Our returns policy can be found here.

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