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What makes us different?

People often ask us how Active650 supports differ from all the other brands?


Our unique high-stretch fabric is probably the number one thing that sets our supports apart.  By expanding more than conventional fabrics it allows a full range of movement, with no restriction.  And by contracting more than conventional fabrics it provides superior support and stays in place.  When you combine the expansion and contraction you get total comfort and supports with the best reviews on the internet.



We always listen to customer feedback and information is passed to our design team who aim to create products that are both effective and relevant.  We have tweaked designs and improved the fit of products to make them more suitable for more people, regardless of age, size or activity.



It’s all very well buying the cheapest support that you can find but if it is too uncomfortable to wear for any length of time it is probably not the bargain that you were hoping for.  We talk to lots of people who tell us that they have a drawer full of supports that either don’t fit, don’t work or are just plain uncomfortable.

We invest heavily in research, design and manufacture to bring you the most effective supports we can, at the best prices we can.  Our customers consistently say that Active 650 supports provide greater comfort, can be worn for longer periods and wish that they had found us years ago.  This is how we define ‘value’.


Watch a demonstration to see for yourself... 

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