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Turmeric with extra curcumin


Our team of experts have sourced a turmeric blend that we believe will be the most effective and placed it in a convenient daily capsule.

Turmeric with extra curcumin benefits joints to keep you healthy

Active650 turmeric with added curcumin and piperine


Active650 Turmeric with extra Curcumin and added Piperine

Active650 Turmeric with extra curcumin contains Piperine, an extract from black pepper.

Although turmeric is a fantastic, natural anti-inflammatory, it is not absorbed into the bloodstream very well.  Studies have shown that by adding piperine the absorption of turmeric can be increased by up to 2000%.

Why extra Curcumin?

The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin.  In natural turmeric powder, the levels of curcumin is 5-6%.  We have added extra curcumin (95% curcumin extract) to our turmeric to make it more effective and highly potent.

We believe in sourcing natural ingredients, with no chemical fillers and using vegan friendly capsules so that everyone can take them.


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Active650 turmeric with extra curcumin and piperine for increased absorption

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Turmeric capsules from Active650 best for arthritis


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