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Total Knee Replacement


You would normally be offered Total Knee replacement surgery if you are 60-80 years old, when your knee pain persists, even when resting, and your mobility is severely restricted.

    Delaying total knee replacement surgery with an Active650 Knee Support

      A knee replacement is a major procedure and is not reversible.  The new knee will last around 15-20 years so a surgeon will normally only operate if nothing else has worked to ease the pain, and not if you are deemed "too young". 

      So what can you do to delay, or even avoid, the surgeon's knife?

        The Nation's most comfortable knee support will give you pain relief, comfort, stability and confidence in your joint, allowing you to increase your activity levels.  An increase in activity means you can strengthen the muscles that surround your knee joint, increasing the speed of recovery and decreasing the rate of degeneration.

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