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Thigh Injury

Thigh Injuries: Recovery and Prevention

Injuries to muscles on the back of the thigh (hamstrings) and the front of the thigh (quadriceps) are common in all levels of sport and exercise.

Hamstring and quadricep pain relief from an Active650 Thigh Support


The hamstrings are most likely to suffer muscle tears as they are the muscles that provide power for sudden acceleration and speed.  They can be overloaded very easily if they are not warmed up sufficiently or are fatigued.  Hamstring tears usually occur in the middle of the muscle when the muscle fibres are stretched forcefully, as happens during running or kicking.


Damage to the quadriceps is generally caused by trauma (as we normally travel forwards and these big muscles are the ones that get hit first) and involves bruising and ‘dead-leg’ type pain.  This occurs as an outside force squashes the muscle against the bone, resulting in damage to the muscle, blood vessels and nerve endings.  Muscle tears are less common in the quadriceps but do occur.

Active650 Thigh Supports

When it comes to rehabilitation and prevention of injury Active650 Thigh Supports are second to none.  Providing warmth and increased blood flow to the thigh muscles, healing can be improved and pre-exercise warm-up made more effective.  By holding the muscles firm, the Thigh Support reduces the loads and stresses that act on the site of injury, giving it the chance to recover while you remain active.

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