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Obesity and Knee Pain

What is the difference between Active650 Knee Supports and conventional knee braces?

Active650 extra large Knee supports for larger legs and fat legs.

Most supports are made from material with very limited stretch which is why they slip and roll down or are stiff and restrictive and often need Velcro straps to fit.

Our material is a high stretch fabric, which is shaped to contour to the body: fitting comfortably to provide superior cushioning and support.

Active650 Knee Support five star customer reviews, for the obese and morbidly obese

Obesity and Knee Pain

Knee braces for overweight and obese legs with knee arthritisKnee pain from arthritis, bariatric knee support

Customers often ask us if our Full Knee Supports fit "larger legs".  This is something that is to be expected as:

  1. Figures show that 2/3 of adults in the UK are either overweight or obese
  2. The vast majority of knee supports are designed for sports injuries and sold to athletes

Studies have shown an association between obesity and knee pain, with increasing weight leading to an increased risk of pain and disability.  Such is the link that obesity has been described as the "primary risk factor" for knee osteoarthritis.

The most effective management to decrease the pain and symptoms of osteoarthritis is a combination of weight loss and increased activity.

Knee Support from Active650 allows increase in exercise and muscle strength  Active650 Turmeric with added curcumin for overweight knee pain

An Active650 Knee Support and our special blend of turmeric with extra curcumin can certainly help you increase your levels of activity.  Increased activity has been shown to alleviate the pain of knee osteoarthritis; it allows greater functioning of the joint, slows further degeneration and encourages muscle strengthening.  In a nutshell: you can decrease your pain and improve your movement with increased activity.  

Active650 Knee Support has extra large and plus sizes

Real Customer reviews for the Active650 Knee Support

We can help you with this as our Full Knee Support comes in a range of sizes, up to XXL, with the larger sizes being specifically designed for wider thighs.  By providing greater comfort at the knee and improving shock absorption through the joint an Active650 Knee Support will allow you to manage your arthritis pain.

Our special blend of Turmeric with extra curcumin and added black pepper extract provides all the ingredients that people have been using for thousands of years to treat arthritis and inflammation of the joints, with some studies suggesting that turmeric can help with weight loss.


The Active650 Difference

Unique fabric with superior stretch
Unrivalled comfort
Allows full range of movement
Will not slip
See our demonstration video
Best customer reviews for Knee Support

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