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Is it Arthritis?

Symptoms of Arthritis

Arthritis symptoms in knee

It is impossible to diagnose arthritis without a thorough assessment by an appropriate healthcare professional.  However, there are some signs and symptoms to look out for, which are common among arthritis sufferers:

  1. Pain that aches deep into the joint
  2. Pain that feels better with rest
  3. Pain that is less in the morning but gets worse throughout the day
  4. Pain that worsens the more you use the joint
  5. Pain after using the joint
  6. Pain and stiffness that increases with cold, rainy weather
  7. Swelling at the joint
  8. A reduced range of movement in the joint
  9. Feeling that bones are grating or catching on something as the joint moves
  10. Joint stiffness first thing in the morning that improves over the course of the day

Arthritis in the knee can have a big impact on your life in the shape of pain and decreased activity

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An alternative to taking painkillers

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