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Hamstring Strain

Hamstring Strains, Tears and Pulls

Hamstrings, together with the glutes, provide the power behind explosive movement and acceleration.

Hamstring strains and pulled muscle in back of leg pain relief with Active650 Thigh Support

The powerful muscles at the back of your leg are at risk of tearing if they are not warmed up sufficiently or are fatigued.  Hamstring tears usually occur in the middle of the muscle when the muscle fibres are stretched forcefully, as happens during running, especially explosive sprints, or kicking.

How can an Active650 Thigh Support help you?

  • If you pull your hamstring ice combined with the Thigh Support's compression can reduce swelling.
  • A Thigh Support can prevent hamstring injuries by warming the area and improving blood flow to the muscles, meaning pre-exercise warm up is made more effective.
  • When it comes to rehabilitation and prevention of injury, athletes, coaches and medical teams choose Active650 Thigh Supports.
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