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Bicep and Tricep

Upper arm pain: How can support help?

The main muscles in the upper arm are the biceps and triceps muscles. Both of these muscle groups are under extreme load during strengthening exercises

Bicep Support from Active650 for weight lifting and weight training gym work

These muscles often bear the brunt of the work when lifting heavy objects, whether at the gym or at work. They are therefore prone to tears and strains, either in the muscle or at the tendons either end of the muscle. 

 In most cases when a tear occurs there will be a pain in the upper arm, with possible swelling and bruising. There may be a loss of power, weakness, a dull ache, or discomfort when rotating the forearm from palm up to palm down. In some cases there can be a bulge or dent near to the site of injury. 

 For effective rehabilitation or prevention of tears to the upper arm an Active650 Bicep Support provides outstanding comfort and protection, while allowing full expansion of the muscle mass. This means you can continue to work and strengthen your upper arm with maximum confidence.

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