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The Evolution of Active650

The Evolution of Active650

Where Did it All Start?

Contrary to popular belief, knee supports were not designed until the late 1960's.  The original design was a rigid structure that was specifically designed to prevent lateral (sideways) movement of the knee joint.  

Rigid knee brace

This type of support found favour with American Football players in the NFL and so the evolution continued towards less cumbersome supports that could prevent injury, as well as help with playing following an injury.  The thinking was, very sensibly, that a player's career could be extended by wearing a support to prevent a knee injury.

As the idea of a knee support gained traction and spread throughout the world, amateur sportspeople began to wear supports whilst they played.  The fabric was basic and there were all sorts of methods to try and keep them in place during rigorous activity.

Velcro knee sleeve

A Knee Support from the 1980's

Straps and buckles were replaced by Velcro fastenings and the elasticity of the supports improved.  However, the supports were still not particularly comfortable and were, more often than not, only worn for short periods of sport to help an athlete get through a game.

The fabric technology improved the comfort of the knee supports and their popularity grew further, into the wider domain and beyond sports.  As more people with knee pain came to recognise the benefits of wearing a support, more designs and brands hit the market.

Old neoprene knee brace

A Knee Support from the 2000's

Whilst knee supports became more popular with the general population, there was still one outstanding issue: comfort.  Or, more accurately, the lack of it.  Even the modern supports were difficult to keep in place and the limited stretch of the fabrics resulted in the supports slipping from the top, gathering at the back of the knee, or falling down completely.

Active650 Knee Support is best for comfort and will not slip

The Active650 Full Knee Support

This it what drove the team at Active650 to design the most comfortable knee support available.  The Active650 Knee Support consistently scores highly in reviews and its comfort is the reason for this.  Designed by orthopaedic surgeons who were fed up at having to constantly pull up their existing supports, the Active650 Knee Support is designed to be worn comfortably for longer periods.  This provides more effective pain relief for longer.

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