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"Pull-ups" Shouldn't Mean Knee Supports

"Pull-ups" Shouldn't Mean Knee Supports

If you own a conventional knee support you are probably well used to stopping every now and again to hoick it back into place.  It may be that it has slipped down to bunch behind the knee and is uncomfortable, or it could be that it has wrinkled and needs straightening out.

Active650 Knee Supports reduce pain in sore knees

And all of the above only applies if you have access to the support.  If you have trousers on you may as well forget it, as it has probably slipped from your knee completely and is now a rather fetching, albeit baggy, ankle support.


"Very comfortable doesn't ride up or fall down like others" – Mr. P. from United Kingdom

The Active650 Difference

The revolutionary MegaStretch fabric used in the Active650 Knee Support ensures that the support contours to the shape of the joint, providing the best fit for your knee, regardless of how you move.

"I can honestly say this delivered all the promises it made - discreet knee support under clothes, extremely comfortable to wear and above all it stays in place! No rolling down or slipping with movement. Worth every penny!" – Dean w. from United Kingdom


Our customers come in all shapes and sizes so we supply knee supports in 5 different sizes: Small - XXL.  Correct measurement, using the sizing guide below ensures that you get the correct sized support.  Getting the correct size means you get a support that stays where it's put and provides increased stability and confidence in your knee.


30cm & under

12" & under











60cm & up

24" & up

"I am very happy with this product. My legs are very heavy and I was afraid that the support would slip and roll down, but this support stays in place and give me enough support. Client service is also good because I had doubts about my size, sent an email and very prompt I got a friendly email giving me advice about the size." – Patricia S. from Netherlands

Genuine five star customer reviews


We have had thousands of customers tell us how good the Active650 Knee Support is, with over 2500 five star reviews.  It makes it all worth while when we read testimonials that tell us how Active650 supports are helping people get back to doing what they love.

"I was a bit sceptical when I first read about this knee support. I bought lots of different ones over the years and they didn't help very much. So I thought I'd give it a try after reading the reviews. Well I'm not disappointed, this knee support is amazing. I can now walk without pain, yes without pain. I just can't believe it. Worth every penny, it has changed my life." – Rosanna L. from United Kingdom

At The End of the Day

If a knee support is comfortable and stays in place you are far more likely to keep it on and, let's face it, however fancy your knee support, if it's not on your knee it's not working.  The Active650 Knee Support has been designed for maximum comfort so that it can be worn for longer periods, to help you get through the day.

"Wear it at work on 12hrs shift and still feels comfortable at the end of shift." – Paul R. from United Kingdom

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